Free Bankruptcy Consultation

Filing for bankruptcy is a process that must be approached with caution, awareness, and deep understanding of the laws and rules that guide and govern the bankruptcy process.

When you fall behind on certain debts, such as medical bills and credit cards, the phone calls start. Eventually, these past due accounts are turned over to collection agencies, then to collection attorneys. When the collection calls start it is time to seek advice on how to stop the onslaught. Without resolution, these debts can spiral out of control and seriously impact your life. It should also be noted that certain collection methods commonly used by collection agencies are actually in violation of federal law. A competent attorney can advise you of your rights and help you stop these activities. You may also need advice on how to handle pending lawsuits for collection, foreclosure or repossession.

McBreen & Kopko offers free initial consultations. We can help determine whether you are eligible to file and can also advise whether you should file bankruptcy at all or if other options are superior.



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